Digital risk, compliance and assurance

Build trust with a robust approach to technology, processes and controls

Technology advancements are the driving force behind business transformation at a greater pace than ever. With traditional business models developing digitally and an increasing reliance on technology, businesses create opportunities at the same time as exposing themselves to new risk.

Awareness and understanding of these risks are critical to making complex decisions confidently. Situations of cyber security threats, data leaks, and system disruption are common challenges that can prove costly in reputational damage and penalties for non-compliance. Failure to keep up with the latest technological developments could see competitors gain a significant advantage.

As the regulatory environment grows in complexity, companies must ensure their digital systems are robust and secure. As well as businesses needing to have confidence in their technology, they must also fully understand the potential risks, and adopt systems and controls to keep them continuously protected. 

With compliance as the foundation, our digital risk compliance and assurance services support the adoption of innovative digital technology to enhance efficiency and operations, whilst mitigating risk, helping you to achieve sustainable growth.

Our approach

Digital transformation opens new opportunities for business growth and innovation. Whether that growth is driven by operational efficiencies, increased data insights or stronger resilience, technology will be at the core.

At Mazars, our digital risk, compliance and assurance services will create a technology risk framework to help you understand and manage associated business risks. Confident decisions can be made quickly with a holistic overview of the risk landscape. 

Our digital assurance advisors take an integrated, risk-based approach to provide deep insight into technology risks for boards, audit committees and senior management executives. These insights improve confidence in technology-dependent internal controls, solidifying trust in financial reporting among stakeholders.

Our focus is on providing you with a solution that works for you and your organization. We offer extensive sector experience across a broad spectrum of technology consulting and assurance solutions, covering cyber security, data protection, data management, IT audit, IT operations, digital solutions and technology.

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