Cyber security consulting

Build technological resilience so you can operate with confidence.

Digital innovation has transformed the opportunity for businesses to interconnect with their customers and suppliers, but it does come with risk. Cyber threats grow in sophistication and complexity every day, and it is no longer acceptable to simply manage cyber risk; you must take a proactive approach towards cyber security.

Technological resilience beyond compliance

Cyber security compliance should be viewed as a minimum standard. Addressing cyber risks are not just a compliance measure, but also forms part of the social responsibility a business has for people and planet. Security challenges are constantly arising, it requires a proactive and adaptive approach to protect your systems and data from theft, damage and misuse.  

Cyber security breaches are costly challenges that few companies can afford to suffer – not just financial; there can be significant reputational and legal consequences too. 

Our approach in cyber security consulting

Cyber security and preventing a cyber-attack have now become one of the largest concerns for a wide range of stakeholders including boards, investors and customers. Having a robust approach to cyber security is now a requirement to do business. Organizations want to know that their suppliers and partners actively manage their cybersecurity and data protection. With technology evolving at a fast pace, you need trusted expertise to identify where risk and vulnerabilities exist within your organization and develop the right strategic approach for both now and in the future.  

We believe that a resilient organization can be achieved with minimal business disruption. At Mazars, our cyber security consulting experts will help you build technological resilience throughout your business so you can operate with confidence. Our cyber security consulting services help clients to not only meet their regulatory and compliance needs but to use innovative solutions that balance day-to-day convenience and continuous data security.   

Wherever you are in your compliance journey, our team of cyber security consulting experts will help you assess your internal and external cyber risks. We have a framework that we tailor to you that enables you to adequately and continuously monitor key activities. We use tools such as ethical hacking to improve cyber security, putting you in a position to quickly react to cyber-attacks as they emerge.  

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