Gen you, the next generation of auditors At Mazars

The next generation of auditors at Mazars in Egypt

Gen Y, Gen Z... Gen You.

The next generation of auditors at Mazars in Egypt ready to challenge, embrace and transform auditing as we know it.



Ready to play your part in society? 

Audit plays a critical public interest role. By caring about the organizations, we audit, Mazars helps to build sustainable businesses for the benefit of society as a whole. With purpose and forward-thinking mindsets, together, let’s make a positive difference.

Tired of greenwashing?

Merna essily gen you

Business isn’t just about maximizing profits. Meet Estelle, eco-champion & auditor at Mazars, who tackles important global issues and supports businesses to align their sustainability goals. Embrace a career that goes above and beyond.

Ready to look beyond the financials?

Once thought of as purely financial, audit has never been more misunderstood. Meet Céline, auditor at Mazars, who takes on IT and ESG assignments. It’s time to take a fresh look at auditing!

Ready to push boundaries not pens?

Ahmed sameh

Audit is in full transformation and Mazars is in a unique position to be at the forefront of this change. With our entrepreneurial DNA, our people are encouraged to innovate, lead and challenge the status quo. With us, you can have a say and make an impact.

Want to know what makes businesses tick?

Audit is more than number crunching. Meet Oliver, auditor at Mazars, who gets under the skin and understands how companies operate. Be a part of an international and multi-skilled team.

Want to be one step ahead? 

Starting your career in audit is the path to develop critical business and interpersonal skills. At Mazars, we know a career is a journey and that the first step counts. With us, you’ll progress rapidly, take on fast-growing responsibilities and be ready for your next step.

Looking for a smart career and friendships?

gen you group 2

Audit is a career enabler. Meet Mathilde, auditor at Mazars, who gets to unleash her ambitious nature in an environment of growth, diversity and friendships. Excel by being you.

Do you think and act globally?

The prospect of working internationally is a game-changer. Meet Helga, auditor at Mazars, who works on a variety of cross border engagements while building an international network. International clients, teams and opportunities.

Ready to join us?


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