Accounting and Financial Services

By outsourcing some of your financial work to Mazars Mostafa Shawki, you can take the pressure of your team. If you are understaffed, you may fall behind in delivering accounts and financial information.

We can step in and help you solve any problems as quickly as possible. We can assign you a management team, or take on a complex project, helping you meet the necessary regulations.

Accounting and financial consultancy

Our Accounting team prepares monthly financial reports, annual financial accounts and reports for international and national companies.

We use an automated system to control the internal accounting jobs costing functions of the office. We perform this by preparing expense reports, clients ‘billings, Cash receipt and bank reconciliation statements.

Financial performance

Our teams at Mazars Mostafa Shawki have the expertise to help you monitor financial production and improve performance.

We can look at ways of optimizing your administrative and financial reporting and streamline your processes by increasing the speed and efficiency of your work.

We can set up management charts and put indicators in place to help you control your financial activities.


In the light of various bookkeeping problems, our outsourcing Bookkeeping services is keen to provide high quality of services to deliver a convenience and seem less, cost effective, accurate in time and supportive bookkeeping solutions.

Our mission is to present an accurate and timely turnaround of any company’s accounting bookkeeping transactions and a detailed report to keep touch with the organizations financial picture.

Credit Management

Do you need to focus your working capital requirements or improve your cash flow? We can help you manage your finances and help you reduce your costs in doing so. Our services include:

  • Establishing your credit management policies and procedures,
  • Defining and implementing action plans which will reduce your working capital requirements,
  • Setting up or improving your client risk management processes.

Tax advice

Mazars Mostafa Shawki' tax advisers can also take care of all your tax returns (wage tax, Sales Tax and corporation tax) and help you in setting up the appropriate structure, while working in line with any financial administration.

Mazars Mostafa Shawki operates an international network of tax advisers to guarantee optimal tax planning. Our tax advisers have knowledge in the fields of expat regulations, advance rulings, transfer pricing and restructuring.

International business means the cross-border movements of goods and invisible trade. This automatically leads to sales tax, import duties and excise requirements. Mazars Mostafa Shawki has a team of specialists who can advise you, take care of the formalities and look after your business as your fiscal representative.


Over the years, our firm has gained an extensive experience as liquidators of companies and business. We have built a great track record in getting the best achievable results.

Our mission as expert liquidators are to realize, collect and distribute assets, repay debts, settle all tax matters, represent the company before all concerned parties. Most of all, to allow new trading entity to emerge from the ashes of the insolvent business.