Management and IT services

Mazars Mostafa Shawki can support you with the day-to-day running of your organisational projects. We will optimise your business processes and financial management systems. We can help you from the planning stage through to implementation. We can deal with administration, sales, purchasing, HR or information systems. We can also help you make important decisions by analysing your systems and management control.

We start with a thorough investigation of your organization to identify areas for improvement and set out an action plan. We do this with your firm’s culture and style of management in mind. Mazars Mostafa Shawki can enhance the work of your organization by:

  • Implementing objectives.
  • Optimizing organization and processes.
  • Overhauling management methods.
  • Evaluating and strengthening business leadership.
  • Analyzing administrative and financial functions.
  • Making your processes more efficient
  • Helping you adhere to regulatory changes.
  • Mapping and re-engineering processes.
  • Establishing internal controls and information systems.
  • Steering your activities with management charts and indicators.

Do you find that you lack the time to manage projects? We can take on your project management, set out the brief, and co-ordinate your team and budget to meet the deadline.

IT projects

Mostafa Shawki can take on your IT projects – from the initial analysis of your requirements to training your staff with new systems. We will identify your objectives and guide your project with the right IT tools. We offer both technical and operational support including:

  • Legal assistance with IT contracts.
  • Setting up and documenting new processes.
  • Planning new information systems.
  • Auditing projects and providing recovery assistance.
  • Optimizing existing systems to maximize profitability.
  • Testing and checking compliance.
  • Training.
  • Operational assistance.
  • IT emergency and business continuity plans.
  • Choosing software packages.
  • Outsourcing service providers.
  • Migration strategies.

Managing your IT environment

We can help you structure your IT tools and processes and help you establish internal controls and manage risks by:

  • Analyzing your IT functions.
  • Reorganizing and/or reconfiguring your information system processes.
  • Helping with IT security and risk.
  • Strengthening internal IT controls (LSF, SOX).
  • Helping you meet regulatory requirements.