Valuation, Privatisation and Restructuring

Privatisation Studies
Our firm has provided technical assistance to some 60 state-owned enterprises throughout the different phases of the privatisation process. Over the years we have worked with:
Government regulators represented by the Public Enterprise Office (PEO),
Managers of state-owned enterprises represented by shareholders assemblies, the board of directors and management of Holding Companies (HC) and Affiliated Companies (AC), in addition to domestic and foreign investors.
In this context our firm has gained extensive experience in conducting business reviews, performance evaluations, and asset valuations for the public flotation of public sector companies. The firm has become an expert in the complexities of privatisation/restructuring and has won the confidence of the Egyptian authorities in this respect.

Comprehensive Restructuring Studies
We carried out studies to identify inherent problems and formulate alternative solutions in order to propose the best solution for a comprehensive restructuring of a company. Our assessment takes into consideration important areas such as the legal format of the company, the structure of the organization, the administrative and human resource problems, liquidity and financial structure restrictions, and the technical condition of the company's production capacities and assets. Other aspects considered are production and technology systems, product and sales mixes, marketing performance, decision making processes, the external relationship between the company and banks, tax authorities, investors, creditors, suppliers, customers and the working capital structure. Based on the results of the above studies, our team is able to provide alternative solutions and restructuring proposals to solve these problems.
Our team is then able to plan the steps and procedures necessary to implement the proposed restructuring plan, and to determine the measures the company needs to undertake to execute the plan and estimate the total cost.
The final phase of our restructuring services is to provide assistance and support to the company during the implementation of the solutions and plan that have been accepted by the management. This solution can be any of the following:
Merger with other companies or changing the legal form of the company
Re-engineering the financial structure to solve other problems
Development of the financial and administrative systems and organizing the company's structure
Development of the human resources structure and planning
Development of marketing, organization, financial, human resources, production, sales and product mix strategies etc.