Compliance & Integrity

As the market demand for Multinational firms and its global subsidiaries to comply with the Anti-Bribery (US-FCPA / UK Bribery Act) in addition to the necessity of compliance for their entire related global retail network (General Distributors/wholesalers/…), the central corporate audits are conducting global assignments to ensure compliance with all respective regulation.

Mazars solutions:

  • Developing and implementing Compliance control framework, Compliance Policy, Integrity Code and Code of conduct (For Financial Executes and CFO)
  • Independent assurance of regulatory compliance and benchmarking against industry peers
  • Compliance effectiveness reviews of compliance & regulatory risks and testing of Compliance Controls (e.g. Conflict of Interest, Business partners engagements, Entertainment, and hospitality)
  • Provide customized Compliance awareness training programs (Subjects based on the Functions of targeted groups (Sales & Marketing DEPT. Procurement DEPT, Finance DEPT, Supply Chain ...)
  • Conduct third party due diligence (Suppliers / Intermediaries / …)
  • Outsourced internal investigations for compliance misconduct.